Sweet Bear Aria Spanish pattern

Sweet Bear Aria Spanish pattern

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This tutorial is free and as you can read in the images we share today, its creator #MarlenVivi gives you a couple of essential conditions when making your Baby Bear:

The first, do not use it to make money with it…

The second, yes you make it, share a photo on her Facebook page (you have it right below and I highly recommend you follow this wonderful craftswoman because she has no waste, promise ), or on her Twitter or Instagram…

Facebook: Sweety-Gurumies

And the third, Enjoy knitting it!!
That being said, ala, knitting has been called crocheters!!

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Sweet Bear Aria Spanish pattern

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If you follow the entire tutorial to the letter, the result should be practically the same as the one below… Don’t you think it’s love?







Crédits: Facebook: Sweety-Gurumies


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