8 Crochet Bags that you will want to have

8 Crochet Bags that you will want to have

Beautiful and magnificent bags for you to make them in a thousand colors

And for that, in addition to your knowledge, the necessary material (wool and crochet) and the idea that will help you create your own, you will need these graphics that will help you consolidate a job that you can enjoy as long as you want and with the color combinations that best suit your style.

✨ If you need a MANUAL WINDING MACHINE with a good price and great features, CLICK HERE

The last three photographs are the diagrams for the bases of different bags: oval

I’ll leave you the images, later… it’s up to you 😀

Brown pearl bag

  • For this bag, the perfect BROWN PERLE THREAD is just one CLICK away




✨ The most beautiful thing about this bag is the combination of COLORS and that is why we have chosen THIS THREAD, perfect and delicate with an unbeatable finish and above all… very durable!! 😍




✨ Beautiful model with Pouf or Pop Corn stitch, the ideal thread RIGHT HERE 😘




✨ This bag is made with acrylic wool, I leave you a LINK HERE so you can choose the colors you like 😍






✨ For this bag, the ideal color is Pink 7 by Melissa Cool and the acrylic thread will make it even more durable and precious.


✨The range of colors and the quality of ilauke wool will make your purses something unforgettable 😍



Can you imagine having all your yarns and crochet hooks in a single Organizing Skein Bag?




  • Fantastic kit: 84 pieces of different knitting tools – aluminum crochet hooks and other knitting accessories 😍😍😍




¡ Mira !

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