32 Beautiful Graphics for Quilts and Blankets

32 Beautiful Graphics for Quilts and Blankets

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For your collection!!

If it happens to you like me, my PC is full of folders and sub-folders inside the first ones, full of ideas to do in the near future (or not so near, because I have so many things that I want to do that,

I don’t it gives time to everything (gods, what a rage!!) … these graphics will be very useful to you, since as you will see, you can use them for an endless number of little things, including very beautiful clothes.

They are flirtatious, pretty, impressive and some are so delicate that they look like embroidery… I leave you with them, enjoy them a lot, beautiful!!

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Oh, I forgot…!! I also leave you the measurements for quilts and blankets from babies to super large beds 😀 … it’s at the bottom, it will come in handy 😍

32 Beautiful Graphics for Quilts and Blankets







































With this table of measurements you will have a clearer idea of ​​the size of the quilt or blanket that you can make.

A quilt or blanket for a crib is not the same as for a double bed… although most of these stitches will come in handy for any project you undertake.


Image by Tejiendo Perú

As you may have seen, you have points for all times of the year.

There are perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter and of course, both for them and for us.

Simpler stitches, with fewer frills, will be great on a boy’s bed.

And if you later knit a matching cushion with the same stitch and combining the colors with the quilt or blanket, the result will be impressive! 😍😍😍


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